We welcome you to our center dedicated to providing an all encompassing and comprehensive care for individuals suffering from migraine. We are aware of the debilitating effects that migraine can have on your daily life, and our team is committed to offering a range of services tailored to your unique needs

Our cross-disciplinary approach intertwines diagnostic evaluations, personalized treatment plans, education and holistic wellness services to address the different needs of different individuals

Our Approach

A service for migraine typically begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand the patient’s condition, history and specific needs. Here’s an overview 

  • Initial consultation : A discussion of the patient’s symptoms, medical history and any previous treatments is conducted. Purpose is to develop a rapport
  • Diagnostic evaluation : Following the consultation, the patient may undergo a diagnostic evaluation, which may include physical and neurological examination such as X-ray, MRI, CT scan etc. to identify structural abnormalities and injuries 
  • Development of treatment plan : Based on the results from the diagnostic evaluation, a personalized treatment plan is developed. We offer expert guidance on medications commonly used to treat migraines, including acute pain relievers, preventive medications, and rescue treatments. 
  • Implementation of treatment : With the establishment of a treatment plan, the process of implementing it begins.
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustment : Throughout the course of treatment, the patient’s process is monitored closely by healthcare professionals. 
  • Education and support : Empowering the patients to undertake the right approach and lifestyle choices. Guiding them about the right diet is also an inclusion
  • Continued care and maintenance : Keeping in check by incorporating periodic check-ups, maintenance therapy sessions, and continued adherence to self-care practices to sustain improvement and prevent recurrence of symptoms.

The benefits you get  

  • Pain relief 

  • Reduction in frequency and severity

  • Improved functioning 

  • Enhanced emotional well-being

  • Better sleepy quality 

  • Decreased absenteeism 

  • Enhanced quality of life 

  • Reduced dependence on acute medication 

  • Empowerment and control 

Other conditions we treat


  • Migraine 

  • Tension type headache 

  • Cluster headache 

  • Sinus headache 

  • Secondary headache 

  • Medication overuse headache 

  • Cervicogenic headache

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Q1 What is a migraine ?

A migraine is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of moderate to severe headaches, often accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light (photophobia), and sensitivity to sound (phonophobia).

Q2 What causes migraine ?

The exact cause of migraines is not fully understood, but they are believed to involve a combination of genetic, environmental, and neurological factors. Triggers such as certain foods, stress, hormonal changes, sleep patterns, and environmental factors can contribute to migraine attacks.

Q3 Are there different types of migraines?

Yes, there are several types of migraines, including migraine with aura (classic migraine), migraine without aura (common migraine), hemiplegic migraine, vestibular migraine, menstrual migraine, and chronic migraine (occurring on 15 or more days per month).

Q4 What are treatments for migraine?

Migraine treatments may include medications for acute relief (pain relievers, triptans, anti-nausea drugs), preventive medications to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks, lifestyle modifications, relaxation techniques, biofeedback, and alternative therapies.
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